Sildenafil 100mg x 100 Tablets Gold Standard Viagra


BRAND:  Bullion Pharma

Contains: Sildenafil* 100 x 100mg (Viagra)

The Gold Standard of Erection!

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Bullion only want to supply our customers with the absolute best quality products possible and Bullion are confident that they could do a lot better producing these products

They were right….

Everyone thinks that because the viagra comes in blister strips, that means it’s pharmaceutical quality…IT ISN’T.

It’s made in Under Ground Labs (UGL). Anyone can buy a blister packaging machine.

So, if you want to see what accurately dosed sex meds are like, try ours. We are 100% confident you will notice the difference.

Bring the Bullion standard of quality to your bedroom…your partner will appreciate it.

BRAND:  Bullion Pharma

Contains: Sildenafil* 100 x 100mg (Viagra)

* The reason Bullion have given these products their chemical name rather than calling them Viagra/Cialis is because Pfizer, the company who owns the brand name Viagra, actively pursue people making counterfeit products using their brand names.

They have a whole anti-counterfeit department within their (huge) company that looks for people using their brands and will take you to court and and sue the fuck out of you. And we don’t fancy that!